Famous Filming Spots in Canada

If you wish to explore these famous shooting locations and relive what you have only witnessed on a virtual screen, you should visit the set of the iconic shooting locations in Canada and get yourself the required pictures on the location for a beautiful memory.

There are hundreds of films that we have grown up watching and are truly and genuinely attached to. Whenever we come across something which is even remotely associated with certain iconic films, it triggers our excitement, and we wish to get a piece of that delight. For example, there are a ton of places which gained a different level of fame once they have been included in a film that became a blockbuster, because of a significant scene of a film taking place in that spot.

For movie maniacs, that spot becomes an iconic place of attraction for the rest of our living years. Suddenly, that place gains meaning. It becomes much more than just a geographical location.

Often you will see film fanatics travelling to certain locations and getting themselves clicked pictures of their favourite scene from a film or a series. For example, the spectacular stairway scene from the film Joker where Joaquin Phoenix poses after liberating himself from all kinds of social constructs. Fans swarmed to that location and got themselves similar pictures in the Joker’s pose.

It is all about the attachment with the film or art that draws us to that spot where it was shot. If you too share this kind of enthusiasm for cinema and you too wish to explore celebrated shooting locations, then you are welcome to explore the country of Canada.

Given below are a few world-famous locations you should check out before planning a tour to Canada. There are places that people do not even know are famous filming spots and have remained a favourite of certain directors. 

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The Canadian Rockies, Alta

The Canadian Rockies, Alta The Canadian Rockies, Alta

If you have watched the very famous film Brokeback Mountain adapted from the novel Brokeback Mountain by author Annie Proulx, you would be able to easily recollect the campsite scenes of the film that were reportedly shot in the Canadian Rockies, situated in Wyoming. The place is located 60 miles west of Calgary and is known to inhabit approximately 4,000 square feet of lofty mountains and beautiful lakes. The place is famous for sightseeing purposes and the mountains offer activities for hiking, rock climbing and camping and more such thrills.

If you are curious to know the exact location where the characters Ennis and Jack walked together wearing their cowboy boots, you can google and find out about the spot and maybe you too can get a picture shot in the same spot or who knows you too might get lucky and find yourself someone like Ennis or Jack.

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Coal Harbour, Vancouver

Vancouver Bay is not just famous for shooting locations for various films and television shows, the site is mesmerizing to look at and has been a popular tourist destination spot for years. Did you know that Vancouver served as the prime location for the shooting of the first six seasons of the X-Files? You will also find a part of West Vancouver to be present as the exterior look of Dana Scully's apartment building.

This location was also featured in the film Fifty Shades of Grey where Christian Grey would often go for a jog in Seattle, situated next to the Westin Bayshore hotel. These are a few shows where the harbour has been noted quite a few times. The place has also been spotted in several iconic films for a rather romantic and intense backdrop, looking at the picture you might figure out in which films and shows the harbour has been presented again and again.

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The Manitoba Legislative Building

The Manitoba Legislative Building The Manitoba Legislative Building

What happens to be a common meeting place in the heart of Winnipeg is the Legislative Assembly of Manitoba, which was built in the year 1920. The architectural display of this building is of neoclassical origin and has been featured quite prominently in the Oscar-winning film Capote in the year 2005 and Winnipeg was more often featured for the flatlands of Kansas.

The neoclassical art of the building is something to die for, it is surely the architectural excellence that draws cinematographers to spot such locations to bring out the best in various scenes of the respective film. Most times, a make-believe set does not quite fit the requirement of the scene. If you have watched Capote, in no time will you relate to the specific location we are discussing here and now you know where to get those awesome pictures from!

Some of the oldest castles in Canada date as far back as the 1700s, which create an absolute joyful experience to revisit the times and the ways of living from the industrial era with restored artworks and costumes interpreters ready to welcome its visitors. Learn more at Guide to Top Castles in Canada.

The Distillery District

While it still is a renowned piece of history, it is also a blooming neighbourhood circle wrapped within classic heritage buildings owned by the former owner Gooderham and Worts Distillery. This place is in the heart of Toronto and due to its old-world charm and its quintessential Victorian architectural display, the Distillery District has now emerged as one of the most popular filming locations in Toronto.

Some of the world-famous films that have been shot in this place are X-Men, Cinderella, Three Men and a Baby and the film Chicago. If you have watched any of these films, you will instantly identify the location and can relate to the scene. If you happen to be a crazy fan of any of these films or any other film which has been shot in the same location, you can visit the place right away and get yourself clicked as many thrilling pictures as you wish.

Although the place is famous for shooting specific scenes in films, it is a nationally recognised historic site and being here feels like travelling back in time while you make your way through the alleys of the Distillery District.

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Rocko's Family Diner, B.C.

Riverdale show fan? We got something worthwhile for you right in the heart of Canada. Do you remember the adventures of Archie and the gang in the very famous show Riverdale on the CW? Yes, that particular series was almost entirely filled in the city of Vancouver, and did you know that Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe is not a make-believe set, in fact, the place truly exists!

The place has also featured in films like Killer Among Us, Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief and Horns. However, the place gained fame from the pilot scenes of the show Riverdale. The place goes by the name of Rocko's Family Diner in Mission, B.C. It is a 24-hour operational restaurant that is known for serving unlimited amounts of fries to its guests on the menu, which um, may or may not be an excellent idea for someone who is not health conscious. We hope you are!

University of Toronto

University of Toronto University of Toronto

A few of the most-watched films and movies have been closely shot at the University of Toronto, giving a new meaning to the dimension of the place. If you have been a die-hard fan of famous movie Good Will Hunting, who will at once identify with the campus that was shown between MIT and Harvard. The campus has also been featured in college romances in various films and series because of its magnificent fields and architectural brilliance.

Oh, and did you know that The Incredible Hulk hurricane-d his way across the Knox College spot of the university campus, while one of the most popular shows showcased the campus' Convocation Hall. Can you guess the show? It would be mean of you to not identify with Mean Girls.

The Land of the Maple Leaf has many delightful attractions but with these attractions come thousands of tourists. If you are searching for less-frequented quiet but serene locations to visit in Canada, look no further. Learn more at Top 10 Hidden Gemstones of Canada.

Bay Adelaide Centre, Toronto

This magnificent looking concrete jungle which is Toronto's financial district is the make-believe patent spot for the very famous and most-watched TV show Suits. If you happen to go there, be sure to find glimpses of the various scenes shot in the lobbies and alleys of the building, some are even recurring so the familiarity would be stronger.

You can even get yourselves as many pictures clicked in all the poses you deem fit. If you have time in hand and wish to explore the area of the building, you can always visit Luma and the TIFF building. This is one of the places where the characters throwback cocktails. This scene was a total hit and fans swarm to this place to get similar pictures clicked. The only sad part is that we won't be seeing Meghan Markle there anymore. We are surely going to miss her.

Olympic Stadium

Olympic Stadium Olympic Stadium

This very intricately designed stadium has been an attractive shooting spot for many cinematographers, showcasing the excellence of Montreal's architecture. It has already been 40 long years since the Olympics and the stadium is still known to host hundreds of events taking place every summer. If you have watched Blades of Glory, you will easily recollect that the stadium location was used to shoot the exterior scenes for the Will Ferrell figure skating comedy.

It is not hard to recognise that all the skating scenes that were shot outside were filmed in this location. Also, if you remember the chase scenes from the Olympic village, that too was shot in this very location. Directors prefer this location too especially showcasing certain athletic scenes in films or series, the backdrop serves the purpose of authenticity.

Stawamus Chief Provincial Park

If you are keen on visiting a place where you get to witness a proper film location and simultaneously enjoy yourself and get a grasp of nature, you should head over to this provincial park in British Columbia which will suit both your purpose of witnessing scenic beauties, going for exciting hiking trips, scaly lofty granite stones and also get to see the shooting location of the globally celebrated film Twilight Breaking Dawn: Part 2. At the time when this film was put on virtual screen, the crowd went gaga over the vampiric love story of Edward and Bella.

For some Twilight fanatics, this place also serves to be an ideal wedding location and people often traverse to this location for pre-wedding photoshoots or plan their destination wedding in this spot, you know? To get the feels of the madness of love!

Harbour and Titanic Grave Site, Halifax

Harbour and Titanic Grave Site, Halifax Harbour and Titanic Grave Site, Halifax

The tragedy of Titanic has shared a special place in the world of cinema, so much so that the closest major seaport to the place where the beauty of the real-life breathed its last, was in Halifax. You will find about 100 graves of the victims buried in the location; you can visit the place at three Halifax cemeteries. It was incredibly heart-warming to learn that James Cameron brought the actors Leo and Kate to this graveyard to shoot a major one-third of the scenes in this very celebrated Oscar-winning film Titanic.

You can always visit this location to give a moment of silence to the ones who got swallowed in time. It will be an unparalleled experience compared to what you have watched on-screen, being there would be an electrifying feeling. 

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