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ونکوور بندر ونکوور

ونکوور is one of Canada's most bustling, densely populated, and ethnically as well as linguistically diverse cities. It is a شهر بندر واقع در سرزمین اصلی بریتیش کلمبیا that is surrounded by mountains on all sides. It is also one of the top cities in the world where excellent quality of life is possible for all of its residents, many of whom are non-English speakers and minorities who have migrated to the city at some point. The city is also often معروف به هالیوود کانادا owing to all of the filming that takes place here. Above all else, it is one of the most picturesque urban cities of the world, with its metropolitan mainland and urban centre surrounded by greenery, the sea, and the mountains.

به عنوان یک شهر مترو شهری که پر از زیبایی های طبیعت نیز هست ، یک مقصد توریستی محبوب among people from all over the world and in fact گردشگری یکی از بزرگترین صنایع ونکوور است. If you are thinking of visiting Vancouver for a holiday or for some other purpose, you must make sure to explore the city by visiting some of the most popular tourist destinations in Vancouver which are described below.

بازدید کنندگان بین المللی باید دارای eTA Canada Visa برای ورود به ونکوور, کانادا. Foreign citizens can apply for an eTA کانادا ویزا بصورت آنلاین در عرض چند دقیقه روند ویزای eTA کانادا خودکار ، ساده و کاملاً آنلاین است.

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در مورد دیگران اطلاعات کسب کنید باید مکانهایی را در بریتیش کلمبیا ببینید.

استنلی پارک

استنلی پارک ، ونکوور استنلی پارک ، وال ونکوور سیوال

این یک پارک عمومی عظیم هم مرز با مرکز شهر ونکوور, surrounded by the waters of a fjord and a bay. The unique thing about this park is that it wasn’t architecturally planned like most urban public parks but the forest and urban spaces there gradually evolved into a space that began to function like a park, after which some attractions were built there.

هنوز هم مانند زمانی که منطقه ای جنگلی بود میلیون ها درخت دارد اما درختان دیگری نیز دارد جاذبه هایی که گردشگران عاشق دیدن آنها هستند مانند Vancouver Seawall , which is a path next to the sea where people walk, run, cycle, skate, and even fish; many forest trails for the adventurers; the دریاچه بیور, covered with water lilies and housing beavers, fish, and many water birds; Lost Lagoon, a freshwater lake where one can see such birds as Canada geese, waterfowl, swans, and ducks; and آکواریوم ونکوور، که هست بزرگترین آکواریوم در کانادا and has some of the most fascinating species of Pacific marine life, such as sea otters, dolphins, belugas, and sea lions. The Park’s gardens are also a جاذبه ای عظیم در بهار وقتی با آنها پوشانده شوند درختان گیلاس و ردودندرون.

کوه گراز

کوه Grouse ، شمال ونکوور کوه Grouse ، شمال ونکوور - اسکی زمستانی

واقع در شمال ونکوور ، کوه گروس قله ای است که حدود 4 هزار پا ارتفاع دارد above Vancouver. Its close proximity to the downtown urban centre of the city makes this بهشت آلپ یک فرار سریع و کامل from the hustle and bustle of the city to a place that’s a refuge for nature and wildlife and is also یکی از محبوب ترین مکان ها برای ماجراجویی در فضای باز در کانادا, especially winter sports, such as skating, snowshoeing, skiing, snowboarding, etc.

در تابستان ها ماجراجویان این امکان را دارند که در مسیرهای طبیعی طبیعت کوه Grouse مانند مشهورها گشت و گذار کنند گروس آسیاب. Other tourist attractions in Grouse Mountain are سوپر اسکایراید و صندلی rides in the summer, giving a stunning view of the wilderness and the city from the sky; the چشم باد, a huge wind turbine with an observation area from where you will get mind blowing views of the city; and the پناهگاه حیات وحش در معرض خطر, which is a conservation centre preserving the area's flora and fauna.

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همچنین ممکن است از بازدید لذت ببرید باید مکانهایی را در مونترال ببینید.

ساحل Kitsilano

مشهور به عنوان کیت ساحل، این یکی از بیشترین موارد است سواحل شهری محبوب در ونکوور, especially full of tourists in the summer months. Situated just across downtown Vancouver, it offers both the beauty of a sandy beach and the oceanfront as well as trendy and urban places that form an outdoors hub full of activity, such as cafés, walking trails, and shopping centres . You can enjoy انواع فعالیت های ساحلی در اینجا، از جمله آفتاب گرفتن, شنا در استخر آب شور, بازی تنیس, بسکتبال، یا والیبال ساحلی، و حتی دوست کوچک خزدار خود را به بخشی از ساحل که به ساحل سگ معروف است ببرید.

There are also such places nearby as the Vanier Park and the Vancouver Maritime Museum, and of course the neighbourhood near the beach is full of restaurants and shops, so you can still have a fun day after you’ve enjoyed the beach to your heart’s content.


گاستاون ، ونکوور گاستاون ، ونکوور - ساعت بخار

Gastown یکی از قدیمی ترین شهرک های ونکوور around which the rest of the city developed over time and one of the most unique places in the city too. Situated next to downtown Vancouver, it is considered a محوطه تاریخی now because the neighbourhood still preserves Victorian buildings that have been carefully restored over the years. Named after a seaman who first arrived in the area in 1867 and who was known as "گسی" جک دیتون, after decades of being forgotten, the town regained popularity in the 1960s and its buildings started to be restored for their unique and historic architecture. Today it is full of touristy restaurants, galleries, boutiques, and shops with a Victorian look to them, as well as cobblestone streets and iron lampposts. گردشگران مخصوصاً عاشق ساعت بخار در اینجا که هر پانزده دقیقه یک دفعه بخار می دهد.

پل تعلیق Capilano

پل معلق کاپیلانو ، ونکوور پل معلق کاپیلانو ، ونکوور

این یکی از اولین مقاصد گردشگری ونکوور that opened way back in 1889. Suspended over the Capilano River Canyon, this bridge is یکی از هیجان انگیزترین مکان ها برای گردشگران در ونکوور. The bridge leads to a park with forest trails and a walking trail surrounded by huge trees. There is also a circular transparent platform, known as کلیف واک, از دیواره دره به حالت تعلیق درآمده است, walking over which is also a truly thrilling and fascinating experience. There is also the Capilano Salmon Hatchery nearby where one can ماهی قزل آلا را چشمک بزنید. This bridge can be reached through a shuttle from downtown Vancouver.

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