کانادا در فصل پاییز- راهنمای گردشگری برای مقاصد حماسی پاییز

If you want to witness Canada’s most beautiful side, the season of autumn is that window which would give you the most gorgeous views of the North American country, with the different shades of orange appearing in the dense forests, which were once coloured in deepest of green just a few months ago.

برگ افرا برگ افرا در رنگهای پاییزی

La ماه های سپتامبر و اکتبر آغاز پاییز در کانادا است, providing relief from the summer heat as the climate becomes cooler with frequent light rains. Autumn is the best time to witness fall foliage in the widespread forests of Canada, with some of the world’s best landscapes in the country and there is not one but many ways of observing this side of nature in this فصل شادی!

ویزای eTA کانادا is an electronic travel authorization or travel permit to visit Canada for a period of time less than 6 months and visit these epic Fall experiences in Canada. International visitors must have a Canadian eTA to be able to visit Canada. Foreign citizens can apply for an eTA کانادا ویزا بصورت آنلاین در عرض چند دقیقه روند ویزای eTA کانادا خودکار ، ساده و کاملاً آنلاین است.

پارک ها در پاییز

پارک استانی Algonquin پارک استانی Algonquin با لباس های پاییزی

A country with numerous national parks located around thousands of lakes surrounded by dense forests, Canada is the country which has more views to offer beyond its cities. La ضلع شرقی کشور در نظر گرفته شده است بهترین راه برای مشاهده رنگ های پاییزی in all its intensity with leaves going from red to orange and finally disappearing in the winter wind with a yellowish texture.

Predicting the fall foliage timing in a country as large as Canada could be difficult but mostly the months of September witness the onset of autumn in majority provinces, with the provinces of انتاریو, کبک and Maritime provinces being the best places to observe the bright fall colours around the country.

Due to most of the country’s lakes being surrounded by national parks, it becomes a picture of a lifetime to watch the peaceful lakes situated in the middle of red and yellow maple trees, reflecting the red forests in their calm waters.

One of the oldest provincial parks in Canada, the Algonquin National Park located in southeast Ontario has thousands of lakes hidden within its boundaries, hidden forest trails which offer spectacular views in autumn season. Due to the parks' close proximity to the city of تورنتو, Algonquin is also one of the most popular parks in the country being home to a variety of wildlife and campsites.

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بیشتر بخوانید Algonquin و مکانهای دیدنی دیگر در انتاریو.

اگر در فصل پاییز در منطقه انتاریو هستید ، نمی خواهید آن را از دست بدهید بزرگترین Oktoberfest در آمریکای شمالی Kitchener-Waterloo Oktoberfest ، .

از طریق کانادا

سقوط دره آگاوا رنگهای پاییزی آگاوا کانیون از تور قطار

The dramatic views of autumn become further enchanting with a view of Canada's landscapes through a train journey. And when talking about a country as large as this one, travelling through train would probably be the first option that would come to mind!

از طریق راه آهن, Canada's national train service, offers various tours across Canada, with breathtaking views of the country’s widespread forests and numerous lakes. قطار در طول سال کاربردی است ارائه تعطیلات زیبا در تمام فصول ، از جمله فصل پاییز, when the most beautiful colours of forests become visible, appearing more like a soothing winter warmth surrounding the lakes.

Most popular route explored by the train is the Quebec city to Windsor corridor, which is a route through popular cities of Canada including تورنتو, دولت کانادا, مونترال و کبک شهر

سفر در این سمت از کشور می تواند ترکیبی از مناظر شهری را در میان رنگهای زیبای پاییز ارائه دهد. برای بازدید بیشتر از مناطق روستایی و جنگل های انبوه در پاییز ، می توانید مسیرهای مختلف دیگری را هنگام کاوش در نقاطی از طریق راه آهن کانادا انتخاب کنید..

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حتماً مطالب ما را بخوانید راهنمای آب و هوای کانادا and plan your perfect Autumn trip to Canada.

راهی برای به خاطر سپردن

پارکینگ نیاگارا پارک نیاگارا ، یکی از بهترین مکان ها برای دیدن شاخ و برگ Fall در کانادا

یکی از روشهای زیبا برای مشاهده شاخ و برگ پاییز یک سفر جاده ای از طریق پارک نیاگارا است or Niagara Road, which is a scenic road travelling by the Canadian side of the Niagara River. Also known as the Niagara Boulevard, the route goes through Ontario Scenic Highway, and has views of many villages located by the Niagara River before it finally reaches the tourist town of آبشار نیاگارا. نیاگارا پارک وی یکی از بهترین رانندگان دیدنی در انتاریو است و قطعاً الف سفر به جنگل های پاییزی با لباس قرمز زیبا would be an image to cherish for.

Various other attractions are present along the route including the Whirlpool Rapids which are the natural whirlpools created within Niagara River along the Canada-US border, and other historic attractions in Ontario, including بنای یادبود براک در پارک ارتفاعات کوئینستون واقع شده است, a landscape city park above the village of Queenston

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اطلاعات در مورد دریاچه های باورنکردنی کانادا و دریاچه باشکوه برتر در پاییز.

کوه های آبی در پاییز

کوه های آبی کوههای آبی یک مقصد گردشگری محبوب و پیست اسکی معروف است

One of the all season destinations located just two hours from the city of Toronto, is the Blue Mountain Village, famous for its Blue Mountain ski resort as a winter destination. Although the natural surroundings and small towns of the area make it a popular place for vacation in all seasons. The Blue Mountains is an independent village located in the province of Ontatrio, with its economy depending majorly on tourism from the popularity of the Blue Mountain ski resort.

In the season of autumn there are numerous ways of spending a good time in the resort village, with light shows and various other activities present at the center of the village, along with offbeat adventure options of exploring the place through its hiking trails and beaches, with a beautiful side of nature in the best time of the year.

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