Lieux incontournables de l'Alberta

Jasper (Alberta) Jaspe, Albert

Partie de l'ouest du Canada, à la frontière de la province la plus à l'ouest du Canada, la Colombie-Britannique, L'Alberta est la seule province sans littoral du Canada , that is, it is surrounded only by land, without any route leading directly to the sea. Alberta has got quite a diverse terrain, which includes the snowy peaks of Rocky Mountains, glaciers, and lakes; the mutely beautiful flat les prairies; and wild forests in the north. Of all three of Canada’s prairie provinces, Alberta is the biggest.

Outre la grande variété de nature sur laquelle vous vous régaleriez en Alberta, son deux villes principales, Edmonton, qui est la capitale de l'Albertaet Calgary, are metropolitan urban cities in their own rights, which have many sightseeing options for tourists too. These cities often get neglected in favour of the famous Canadian cities of Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal, but Edmonton and especially Calgary have a lot to offer too. There are also small rural farm towns that make for charming little getaways, and the many national parks in the Rocky Mountains are obviously one of the biggest tourist attractions in Alberta.

Parmi les nombreux endroits qui méritent une visite lors de votre voyage en Alberta, voici une liste de certains des meilleurs que vous devez absolument vous assurer de voir lors de votre visite en Alberta.

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Les Rocheuses en Alberta.


Le parc national Banff est l'un des plus parcs nationaux populaires du Canada and comprises of a stunning mountainous landscape, some of the meilleures stations de ski au Canada, beautiful, pristine lakes, an abundance of wildlife, and also a quaint little tourist town called Banff. A Site du patrimoine mondial de l'UNESCO, the most popular and places to explore in Banff are Icefields Parkway, one of the most picturesque highways in Canada, where at one point a narrow valley forms between the glaciers of the Rockies, providing a beautiful landscape along with the mountain lakes and icefields; Montagne de soufre, d'où vous obtiendrez l'une des meilleures vues de tout l'endroit; Lake Louise, which is breathtakingly beautiful and probably the most popular lake in Canada; Château Lake Louise, one of the best resorts in Alberta; Lac Moraine et lac Bow, other famous lakes in Banff; and some of the most popular ski resorts in Alberta such as Station de ski de Lake Louise et un Station de ski de Sunshine Village.

Parc national de Jasper

Jasper est un autre parc national populaire au Canada. En fait, c'est le le plus grand parc national du Canada, covering an area of more than ten thousand square kilometers. Another Site du patrimoine mondial de l'UNESCO, Jasper National Park was built at the beginning of the 20th century and though it’s not as famous as Banff, it is still un parc national fréquenté par de nombreux touristes au Canada. The Park is full of lakes, waterfalls, mountains, glaciers, etc., some of the most popular of these attractions touristiques pittoresques du parc national Jasper étant Mont Edith Cavell, one of the most important mountains in Alberta; such lakes as Lac Pyramid, Lac Maligneet Medicine Lake; Tonquin Valley, located in the area of a continental divide; Columbia Icefield, le plus grand champ de glace des Rocheuses canadiennes; Athabasca Falls; Miette Hot Springs; and the Marmot Basin area that is available for skiing.

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Stampede de Calgary

Stampede de Calgary

If you are planning on visiting Canada, especially the province of Alberta, during early July, then you must head on to Calgary where a événement de rodéo de dix jours takes place annually in early July. A rodeo event involves cowboys participating to show their riding and other skills. There are all things cowboy and rodeo, cultural exhibits, and also quite a lot of musique country au Stampede de Calgary. There are also parades and exhibitions by the Premières Nations du Canada. People come to visit and participate in the festival from all over North America and the rest of the world too. Other than the rodeo exhibition you would also find the rest of the city transformed during the ten days, with local establishments and businesses also participating in the event in their own way. The event and rodeo in and of itself is quite crucial to Calgary’s identity as a city. In fact, it is known worldwide as Ville de débandade or Cowtown.


Jasper (Alberta) Hoodoos de Drumheller

Populairement connu comme le Ville de dinosaures, Drumheller est une petite ville de l'Alberta that was inhabited by dinosaurs millions of years ago. Of the various dinosaur fossils found in and around Drumheller the most significant ones are displayed and showcased at the Musée royal de paléontologie Tyrrell. All paleontologists and even laypersons interested in dinosaurs would love to visit the museum where they would be offered quite an insightful and in depth look at the anthropological history of this place. Far from just fascinating for its history and anthropology, Drumheller attire également les touristes pour ses badlands qui se composent de quelques sentiers de randonnée populaires tels que le Sentier des dinosaures.

West Edmonton Mall

The city of Edmonton might not have a lot to offer in terms of tourist attractions but if you are going to be in the city for some work, you must make sure to visit the West Edmonton Mall, which is Le plus grand centre commercial du Canada. It is a huge complex with many places and recreational activities offered therein, such as the World Waterpark, the ice rink known as the Mayfield Toyota Ice Palace, mini golf, an aquarium that offers tourists live shows, a bowling alley, and of course such places as all malls have like movie theatres, shopping stores, and restaurants.

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