Top 10 pietre prețioase ascunse din Canada

The Land of the Maple Leaf has many delightful attractions but with these attractions come thousands of tourists. If you are searching for less-frequented quiet but serene locations to visit in Canada, look no further. In this guided post we cover the ten secluded locations.

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Grota, Ontario

Grota Grota, o peșteră de pe malul mării, cu apele frumoase albastre

Grotă în Parcul Național Peninsula Bruce in Tobermory is nature’s beauty at its best. The breathtaking peșteră marină formată de-a lungul a mii de ani prin eroziune and has the most striking turquois colour. The sea cave can be reached by a 30 minute downward hike through the Bruce trails. Swimming, snorkeling and scuba diving are just some of the many activities you can enjoy aside from soaking up the scenery.

Diefenbunker, Ontario

Muzeul Războiului Rece Diefenbunker Muzeul Războiului Rece al Diefenbunker Canada

Construită în timpul înălțimii Război rece, the Diefenbunker was built to shield the top Canadian government officials in the event of a atac nuclear. The four storey bunker was given the status of a national historic site and the Diefenbunker museum was established in 1997. Diefenbunker găzduiește cel mai mare escape room din întreaga lume. The award winning escape room runs through an entire floor of the bunker. The Diefenbunker museum offers a peak into the treacherous period of the cold war.

Singing Sands Beach, Ontario

The Singing Sands beach of the Bruce Peninsula National Park is located on the shore of the Lake Huron in Ontario. The sand can be heard producing booming or roaring sounds as the wind flows over the sand dunes giving the illusion that the sands are singing. The beach is a un loc minunat pentru un prânz liniștit în aer liber cu familia ta și la urmăriți apusul. The beach is easily accessible by a small walk and also by car.

Dacă intenționați să vizitați Ontario, nu trebuie să le ratați Locuri obligatorii în Ontario.

Dinozaur Provincial Park, Alberta

Parcul Provincial Dinosaur Parcul Provincial Dinosaur este un sit al Patrimoniului Mondial UNESCO

The Dinosaur Provincial Park in South Alberta is situated in the Red Deer River Velley. In the Era mezozoică the region was home to many dinosaurs and large lizards, bones of which still continue to be excavated from the park resulting in making the Dinosaur Provincial Park a Lista Patrimoniului Mondial UNESCO. The Dinosaur Provincial Interpretive Centre and Museum holds many of the bones discovered by archeologists and allows tourists to explore and dig for the bones themselves. The park has many campsites perfect for evening bonfires and a restaurant. The park also features the largest of Peisajele tărâmurilor din Canada that are absolutely breathtaking. The natural history park is quite easily accessible by road.

Peșterile lacului Horne, Columbia Britanică

Parcul provincial Horne Lake Cave de pe insula Vancouver din British Columbia găzduiește peste 1,000 de peșteri uimitoare. The park was built in 1971 to protect and preserve the caves and now functions as a tourist site to let people learn about the historically great caves. The park offers many tours featuring a fun slide through the caves, two underground waterfalls and speleologie which is the art of cave exploration. Above the ground, the cave education center houses many exhibits of minerals found inside the caves. Across from the caves is the Parcul regional Horne Lake care are acces la mulți campinguri, trasee frumoase iar lacul Horne este destinația perfectă pentru canotaj și plimbări cu barca.

Dune de nisip Athabasca, Saskatchewan

Plaja Turnului cu Ceas Parcul Provincial Dune de Nisip Athabasca a fost creat pentru a proteja dunele de nisip Athabasca

Atop the southern shore of Lake Athabasca sit the magnificent Athabasca Sand Dunes. The largest of Canada’s ecosystem, the dunes are the most active sand dunes in the entire world. Stretching over a 100 kilometers, dunele sunt accesibile doar cu un avion plutitor sau cu o barcă. The Athabasca Sand Dune Provincial Park was created to protect the dunes that scientists refer to as an puzzle evolutiv. Being situated next to a lake, the park offers fishing, canoeing and boating to tourists along with the tour of the majestic dunes.

Alexandra Falls, Teritoriile de Nord-Vest

Cascada Alexandra Alexandra Falls este situată pe râul Hay din teritoriile de nord-vest, Canada

Alexandra Falls este a treia cea mai mare cascadă din NWT is a splendid 32 meter waterfall and is the major attraction of the Twin Fall Gorge Territorial Park. A product of the Hay River that eventually empties in the Great Slave Lake, the Alexandra falls is among the top 30 waterfalls in the world for water volume. A 30 minute hike will lead you to the top of the waterfall from where you will get a panoramic view of the basin. The Louise Falls, another scenic waterfall is a mere 3 kilometer trek away from the Alexander Falls. Both these falls are perfect for a family picnic.

Canada is home to a plethora of lakes, especially the five great lakes of North America. The west of Canada is the place to be if you want to explore the waters of all these lakes. Learn about Lacuri incredibile în Canada.

Cimitirul Fairview Lawn, Nova Scotia

Cimitirul Fairview Lawn Cimitirul Fairview cel mai cunoscut ca ultimul loc de odihnă pentru peste o sută de victime ale scufundării RMS Titanic

Cimitirul Fairview este cunoscut ca fiind locul de odihnă al victimelor RMS Titanic. The cemetery holds 121 graves of the victims that were onboard the Titanic, 41 of which remain unidentified like the grave of Copilul necunoscut. The solemn place can be visited to pay your respect to the departed voyagers.

Insula Sambro, Nova Scoția

Farul Insulei Sambro Farul Insulei Sambro este cel mai vechi far supraviețuitor din America de Nord

Acasă la cel mai vechi far din America de Nord, Farul Insulei Sambro este cunoscut sub numele de Statuia Libertății canadiană De multe. Farul a fost construit în 1758, făcându-l cu 109 ani mai vechi decât Canada însăși. Once a year the Nova Scotia Light House Preservation Society offers a tour to the light-house and it’s surrounding Devil’s Staircase rock formation. This year’s tour is to be held on the 5th of September so make sure you book your tickets from the Pagina de Facebook a Nova Scotia Lighthouse Preservation Society. The Island cannot be accessed by road but only by boat that takes you directly to the Halifax Harbor on which the lighthouse is located. The island also has the beautiful Crustal Crescent Beach Provincial Park with 3 white sand beaches and many scenic hiking trails along the ocean.

Iceberg Valley, Newfoundland și Labrador

Dacă doriți să vedeți topirea ghețarilor de aproape Newfoundland este locul ideal. During the spring months the northeastern coast of Newfoundland and Labrador witnesses hundreds of rogue icebergs that broke-off from their parent glaciers just floating by. The icebergs can be seen by a boat, a kayak and often even by land. To get the best experience of the glacial bodies you would want to paddle out to the blue waters.

Easternmost provinces of the country which includes Nova Scotia, New Brunswick along with the province of Newfoundland and Labrador make up the region called Atlantic Canada. Learn about them in Un ghid turistic către Canada atlantică.

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