Kanada, odprta kopenska meja z ZDA za cepljene kanadske popotnike

V ponedeljek, 8. novembra, naj bi odpravili zgodovinske omejitve, ki so omejile potovanje v Združene države.

Vozniki čakajo, da prečkajo kanadsko carino na meji med Kanado in ZDA blizu Britanske Kolumbije leta 2020. Meja se za nepomembna potovanja ponovno odpre 8. novembra

Since the Canada-US borders closed to non-essential travel about 18 months ago over Covid-19 pandemic fears, the United States plans to ease restrictions for fully vaccinated Canadians on November 8th 2021. Canadians and other international visitorys flying from nations like China, Brazil and India can again unite with their family and friends after 18 months or even just coming to United States for shopping and recreation. The Kanadska meja se je avgusta ponovno odprla za popolnoma cepljene državljane Združenih držav.

Za Kanadčane, ki nameravajo prečkati kopensko mejo v ZDA, je pomembno, da nosijo a standardizirano dokazilo o cepljenju. This new standardised proof-of-vaccination certificate should contain Canadian national's name, date of birth and COVID-19 vaccine history — including which vaccine doses were received and when they were inoculated.

There are strong family and business ties across Canada-US border and many Canadians consider Detroit to be an extension of their backyard. While the Canada-US border remain opened for business transit - non-essential or discretionary travel was all but stopped puttin an end to cross-border vacations, family visit and shopping trips. Consider the case of Point Roberts, Washington, a western US town surrounded by water on three sides and connected by land only to Canada. Roughly 75 percent of the area’s homeowners are Canadians who do not have access to their properties by the border closure.

It is estimated that in 2019 around 10.5 million Canadians crossed from Ontario over to US via the Buffalo/Niagara bridges which dropped to just 1.7 million, a drop of over 80% in non-commerical traffic.

Several US business across the border are readying for Canadian tourists. Unfortunately, carrying a proof of polymerase chain reaction test can cost $200 and it could prevent many Canadians from crossing the land border for example driving from Ontario to Michigan.

Kathy Hochul, the Democratic governor of New York welcomed the news "I applaud our federal partners for reopening our borders to Canada, something I have called for since the beginning of the closure," said in a statement. "Canada is not only our trade partner, but more importantly, Canadians are our neighbors and our friends."

Katera cepiva so sprejeta in kdaj veljajo za popolnoma cepljena?

You are fully vaccinated 14 days after a single-dose vaccine, the second dose of a two-dose vaccine. Accepted vaccines include those approved and authorized by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, and that have an emergency use listing from the World Health Organization.

Kaj pa kanadski otroci?

While children are not required to have vaccination to travel to the United States on the restrictions are lifted, they must still carry a proof of negative coronavirus test before entering.

Plačilo predora Detroit-Windsor?

The Canadian side of Detroit-Windsor Tunnel will take cash tolls through the end of the year. The cashless system relies on credit cards, debit cards and mobile payments. The Department of Homeland Security suggests using a digital application, also known as Mobilna aplikacija CBP One, to speed border crossings. The free app is designed to allow eligible travelers to submit their passport and customs declaration information.

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