Tourist guide to winter sports and activities in Canada

Canada is one ultimate scenic destination for nature enthusiasts, but the country becomes a true white wonderland during winters, a time when apart from experiencing the goodness of the holiday season you can get to witness the same summer mountain landscapes turn into magnificent shades of white and blue!

With several options to explore beyond the cities of Canada during winters, right where the country's natural charm can be witnessed, your idea of Canadian winters might completely change from extreme cold and staying indoors to spending more time amidst the beautiful winter scenery.

Explore some of the best ways to spend your winters in Canada, in the company of some of the most famous and thrilling winter sports in Canada. 

And as you read along discover many outstanding ways of travelling through one of the most naturally rich places in the world!

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Sledging through Mountain Valleys


Winter sports in Canada

One of the best recreational activities in Canada, sledging can be experienced through guided tours and trips across many provinces and territories of the country. With a long history of its own, dog sledding was brought to this side of North America by the Inuit people around 1000 AD. 

One amazing way to experience the country’s spectacular landscapes, snow covered peaks and some of the best national parks of Canada including the renowned Banff National park, are some of the ways you can experience the surreal charm of this traditional winter activity.

Ice skating - you cannot miss this

Ice skating in Toronto Skiing

Ice skating

With literally thousands of outdoor ice skating rinks located all across its provinces, ice skating is no doubt one of the most popular sports in Canada. World’s largest skating rink equal to the size of several Olympic skating rinks, the Rideau Canal Skate way located in Ottawa is one of the must see winter attractions in the country.

Besides, with the world's largest lakes located in this part of the planet, it would not be hard to find some of the spectacular winter scenery while skating in one of Canada's frozen lakes. 

From North America’s deepest, the Great Slave Lake, to the iconic Lake Louise famously known as the turquoise lake of Alberta, there is nothing ordinary about winters in Canada when coupled with outdoor winter activities like these!

Some of the oldest castles in Canada date as far back as the 1700s, which create an absolute joyful experience to revisit the times and the ways of living from the industrial era with restored artworks and costumes interpreters ready to welcome its visitors. Learn more at Guide to Top Castles in Canada.

World’s Best Frozen Lakes

Frozen lakes

Frozen Lakes

One of the must-see sights in Canada is the country’s frozen lakes amidst its spectacular mountain scenery. Witness the unimaginable shades of blue as you walk across the frozen wonderland in some of the largest lakes on earth found in this part of the world.

Given the uncountable number of lakes all across the country, it might come as a surprise that each lake comes with a set of its unique natural views. 

Take a trip to the renowned Lake Ontario which can be found sitting just by Canada’s largest cities, to the Abraham Lake located in western Alberta which given its great scenery and the mysterious bubble phenomenon is most popular among travellers and becomes an enchanting winter landscape.

Explore Canada this Way

With miles long trails that would give you the best views of Canadian winters, snowmobiling is clearly one of the perfect ways to witness the great outdoors of this vast North American country. 

Clearly a winter specific activity, getting a guided snowmobile tour is an easy way to explore the majestic forest and mountain landscapes at the outskirts of some of the largest Canadian cities like Quebec city and Ontario. 

Given several thousands of kilometres of snowmobile trails, if you choose to take up snowmobiling in Ontario, it could probably be your only chance of getting a glimpse of many hidden winter treasures of Canada

The Land of the Maple Leaf has many delightful attractions but with these attractions come thousands of tourists. If you are searching for less-frequented quiet but serene locations to visit in Canada, look no further. Learn more at Top 10 Hidden Gemstones of Canada.

Skiing in Perfect Country Slopes

Canada is home to numerous world class ski resorts. Given the country’s long winter season and the perfect snow peaks of the Rocky Mountains, Canada is one unbeatable destination in terms of best skiing experience. 

The dense snow slopes of Whistler and Banff become one of the best winter getaways in the world during this time of the year.

Even if skiing is not what you are looking for, spending time in the great beauty of some of the best ski resorts in Canada would surely become a lovely holiday memory.

Dive into Canada’s History with Ice hockey

Also Canada’s national winter sport, ice hockey is one of the widely popular games in the country during winters. If you are planning to visit Canada in winters, catching a game of this favourite sport in the country might reconnect you to the best side of the winter season.

With a long history of this sport in the country, dating back as late as the 1880’s, to get a glimpse of sporting culture in Canada you can add this activity to your itinerary of Canada visit as well.

Centre Bell, one of the most modern ice hockey arenas to date or any of the other major ice hockey rinks located around the country’s major cities is one perfect way to introduce yourself to this grand winter sport of Canada.

The national winter sport of Canada and the most popular sport among all Canadians, Ice Hockey can be dated back to the 19th century when various stick and ball games, both from the United Kingdom and from the indigenous communities of Canada, influenced a new game into existence. Learn about Ice Hockey – Canada’s Favourite Sport.

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