Kanada için Vize veya eTA türleri

Kanada eTA Türleri

International visitors traveling to Canada need to carry proper documentation in order to be able to enter the country. Canada bazı yabancı uyrukluları muaf tutar from carrying a proper travel Visa when visiting the country via air through commercial or chartered flights. These foreign nationals can apply instead for the Kanada Elektronik Seyahat Yetkisi veya Kanada eTA. The Canada eTA allows you travel to Canada without a Visa but it is available only for citizens of a select few countries. If you are eligible for the Canada eTA once your application for it is approved it will be linked to your passport and be valid for five years or lesser if your passport expires before five years. Although the Canada eTA has the same function as the Canada Visa the difference lies in the fact that the eTA for Canada is easier to obtain than the Standard Visa for Canada whose application and approval take a longer time than the Canadian eTA for foreign nationals which can be approved within minutes usually. Once your Kanada eTA başvurusu has been approved you can stay in the country for a short span of time lasting up to six months although the exact duration would depend on your purpose of visit and would be stamped on your passport by the border officials.

Yabancı uyruklular farklı ve çeşitli amaçlarla Kanada için eTA'ya başvurabilirler, örneğin: layover or transit, or for tourism and sightseeing, or for business purposes, or for medical treatment . The Canada eTA would serve as the Travel Authorization Document for the visitor to Canada in all of these cases.

The dört tür Kanada eTA aşağıda detaylandırılmıştır:

İşletmeler için Kanada eTA

As one of the most important countries in the global market, Canada opens its doors to many business visitors all round the year. Any foreign nationals from those countries that are eligible for a Canadian eTA can come to Canada for the purpose of business by obtaining the eTA for Canada. These business purposes can include business, professional, scientific, or educational conferences or conventions, business meetings or consultation with business associates, looking for job vacancies, research activities related to your business, negotiation of a contract, or settling the affairs of an estate . The Canada eTA makes visiting the country easy and convenient for all business visitors to Canada.

Turizm için Kanada eTA

Kanada en çok turistler arasında dünyadaki popüler ülkeler. From beautiful landscapes to cultural diversity, it’s got it all. There are some internationally famous places in Canada such as Niagara Falls, the Rocky Mountains, and such cities as Vancouver, Toronto, etc., that bring tourists to the country from all over the world. International tourists who are citizens of any of the countries eligible for the Canada eTA and who are Kanada'ya turizm amacıyla seyahat etmek, Yani, spending the holidays or vacationing in any Canadian city, sightseeing, visiting family or friends, coming as part of a school group on a school trip or for some other social activity, or attending a short course of study that does not award any credits , they can apply for the eTA for Canada as the Travel Authorization Document to allow them entry into the country.

Kanada'ya turist veya ziyaretçi olarak gelme hakkında daha fazla bilgi edinin.

Transit için Kanada eTA

Because Canadian airports offer connecting flights to a large number of cities in the world, often foreign nationals may find themselves in a Canadian airport or a Canadian city for layover or transit purposes on the way to their final destination. While waiting for their connecting flight to another country or destination, international travelers who would have to very briefly stay in Canada can use the Canada eTA for Transit to do so. If you are a citizen of a Kanada eTA'sı için uygun ülke and you have to wait at any Canadian airport for a few hours to transit to a flight into another country or have to wait in any Canadian city for a few days till the next flight into the country of your destination, then the Canadian eTA for Transit is the Travel Authorization Document that you would need.

Tıbbi Tedavi için Kanada eTA

If you are a foreign national with citizenship of any of the countries that are eligible for the eTA for Canada then you can come to Canada for a planned medical treatment by applying for the Canada eTA. Apart from the Kanada eTA için genel gereksinimler you would also need to provide proof of the scheduled medical treatment. Any documentation that proves your medical diagnosis and why you need to be treated in Canada would work as evidence for your Kanada'da planlı tıbbi tedavi. If you are visiting Canada on the eTA for a non-medical purpose and happen to require plansız tıbbi tedavi veya yardım, you would be treated by local medical staff and you or your insurance company would have to cover the costs for the same.

Burada Tıbbi hastalar için Kanada Vizesini kapsamlı bir şekilde ele aldık.

Kanada eTA türlerinin dördü, aşağıdakiler için oldukça kolay ve kullanışlı hale getirdi: Kanada eTA'ya uygun ülkelerin vatandaşları to visit Canada for a short duration of time lasting up to six months. However, you should keep in mind that Kanada Göçmenlik, Mülteciler ve Vatandaşlık (IRCC) olsanız bile sınırdan girişinizi reddedebilir. onaylı Kanada eTA sahibi if you do not have all your documents, such as your passport, in order , which will be checked by the border officials; if you pose any health or financial risk; and if you have previous criminal/terrorist history or previous immigration issues.

If you have ready all the documents required for the Canada eTA and meet all eligibility conditions for the eTA for Canada, then you should be able to quite easily Kanada eTA için çevrimiçi başvurun başvuru formu oldukça basit ve anlaşılır. Herhangi bir açıklamaya ihtiyaç duyarsanız, destek ve rehberlik için yardım masamızla iletişime geçmelisiniz.