Top Places to visit in Canada in Winter

If the idea of Canadian winters is dreadfully cold to you then you might need a reminder of some of the perfect winter destinations in the country.

At one point where many could be looking to escape the colder months in the country, there are numerous fun ways to spend memorable winters or even add more charm to your holidays. For both mainstream and offbeat winter destinations, read along as you explore some of the best ways to spend your winters in Canada.

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Ottawa’s Winter Magic at Rideau Canal

Rideau Canal Few things conjure up the magical winter spirit than a skate on the largest skating rink in the world

Rideau Canal is North America’s oldest continuously operated canal system and a section of this canal system in Ottawa turns into the world's largest skating rink in the winter months. A designated UNESCO World Heritage Site, this naturally frozen skating rink in the country’s capital Ottawa attracts thousands of visitors each year, being home to several events and festivals.

Winterlude, the annual winter festival held by the Department of Canadian Heritage, is one of Ottawa's most significant tourist attractions. With ice sculptures, concerts and live music shows spread along the Rideau Canal skateway, the place easily becomes one of Canada's most charming winter destinations.

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Banff in Winters

Banff Banff is a winter wonderland for outdoor adventures

A winter wonderland for outdoor adventures, there is no dearth of activities to enjoy Canadian winters in Banff National Park. Set amidst the most spectacular mountain scenery in the world, the Banff winter experience is one of the best ways of getting a perfect picture of the Canadian Rockies.

Other than skiing, a must see attraction is the Banff Gondola, reaching up the snow capped Sulphur Mountain. Besides, visit some of Canada’s best ski resorts in Banff National park and get the ultimate view of the Rocky Mountains. And if you are looking for a perfect Christmas experience, what's more charming than witnessing an actual snow globe like place!

The first national park of Canada. The national park with its humble beginning starting as a 26 square km hot spring to now the sprawling 6,641 square kilometers it covers. The park was inculcated as a UNESCO world heritage site as part of the Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks in the year 1984. Learn more at Travel Guide to Banff National Park.

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Canada’s Frozen Falls

Frozen Niagara Falls Frozen water and the unique ice formations on the rocks make Niagara Falls look like a set from the Disney movie Frozen

As famous as the place gets in summers, this place in Canada becomes even better during winters. One of the country's most renowned locations, the Niagara falls become host to a range of activities during winters too, including some unique events like the Winter Festival of Lights.

Winter is also one of the best times to visit these iconic falls as this is the time one can witness the fall's partially frozen part! A frozen landscape unlike any other, this popular place cannot be skipped if you want to witness the most magic of Canadian winters.

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Whistler, British Columbia

Whistler Whisler Blackcomb, British Columbia

Home to one of the largest ski resorts in North America, this place is located at the base of Whistler and Blackcomb mountains. Just a couple of hours north of Vancouver, this ski resort is one of the most favoured places during Canada’s winters.

Being a pedestrian only village, the place is most popular as a ski paradise, besides a range of other options to explore around the village. Even if skiing does not interest you so much, the spectacular view from the gondola connecting the two mountains is something you cannot say 'no' to whatsoever! Another unique experience that you can only get in Whistler is an enchanting light show illuminating the dark winter forest at night , giving the experience of magic personified!

As a land of cold and snow-capped peaks, with winters that last almost half the year in many regions, Canada is the perfect place for many winter sports, one of them being skiing. In fact, skiing has become one of the most popular recreational activities that draws tourists from all over the world to Canada. Learn more at Top Skiing Locations in Canada.

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Mount Edith Cavell, Jasper National Park

Mount Edith Cavell Temperatures can drop below -20 °C with wind chill factors below -30 °C

Most prominent peak within Alberta, Mount Edith Cavell offers various hiking and climbing trails, along with spectacular glacier views. Given its great alpine scenery the place is perfect for hiking in Jasper National park.

Considered as a mixture of summer and winter landscapes, this peak is named after a celebrated British Nurse from World War I. What is this place like during winters? If you are an adventure lover looking to spend some quality time with nature, choosing ski trails with various difficulty levels to reach this place and witnessing its raw natural surroundings is something you would be eager to explore!

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Mild Sunsets of Tofino

Tofino Tofino, British Columbia

Located off Canada's West Coast on Vancouver island, this town is known for its untamed natural scenery, ancient rainforests and incredible sunsets! With its sandy beaches and perfect views, Tofino would welcome you with all the more grace in winters.

A time of the year when the majority of tourists have departed, a true feeling of nature’s richness can be experienced in this town of British Columbia. A year-round destination, some of the unusual ways of spending your great time in Tofino could be storm watching, surfing and soaking in the great views while hiking in its less crowded trails during winters.

Did you know? The temperature of - 63 degrees Celsius was once recorded in a remote village of Snag in February 1947 which is approximately the same temperature recorded on the surface of planet mars! -14 degrees Celsius is an average January temperature recorded in Ottawa, something which is beyond the thoughts of many.

Canadian Arctic

Nunavut Nunavut is the newest, largest and nothernmost territory of Canada

A sparsely populated territory in Northern Canada, Nunavut comprises most of the portion of the Canadian Arctic archipelago. A place definitely not for laid back travellers, the extreme cold weather of Nunavut could give you some of the hardest time to experience as a traveller.

With every season offering its own unique characteristics, spending winters in Nunavut could be on your list if you want to see the exceptional part, culture and life on this side of Canada . Not a place for someone looking for comfort travel, this iconic Arctic winter landscape is one of the rarest things you could see anywhere else in the world, where given the clear night sky you can even try catching a glimpse of the almost ethereal aurora borealis!

The national winter sport of Canada and the most popular sport among all Canadians, Ice Hockey can be dated back to the 19th century when various stick and ball games, both from the United Kingdom and from the indigenous communities of Canada, influenced a new game into existence. Learn about Ice Hockey – Canada’s Favourite Sport.

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